Work experience

Web developer

I have the following professional experience as a full-stack web developer.

  • Frontend experience with React & Redux, working closely with designers to create new user interfaces
  • Backend experience with the Yesod web framework.
  • Database programming experience using SQL and ORMs over Postgres databases.
  • Cloud infrastructure experience using Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Docker and NixOS.

As a hobbyist, I have experimented with several other web languages and frameworks, including Django, Ruby on Rails and Svelte.


I will be completing a Master's of Mathematics degree as of Summer 2023. I have researched and written a thesis titled "Second-order finite free probability", in order to develop some cutting-edge ideas lying at the intersection of statistics and linear algebra. I also worked on some research projects for professors at my institution, York University in Toronto. Concretely, this work involved reading research papers, writing computer programs to validate or disprove conjectures, writing mathematical proofs, and presenting my work to other researchers.